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Convention Impression

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 02, 2010 12:55 pm    Post subject: Convention Impression Reply with quote

This was my first political convention, so I can't say if it was a good one or a bad one, but I'll give you a few of my thoughts.

The Friday night reception was just fair. The room was almost big enough, but the only food was chips and vegetables and dip. The large triangular type of chips had some that were very stale. Oh, they also had a cash bar -- a domestic beer (I had Miller Lite) was $5.00, and while they didn't have tip jars (the bartenders said they were told that is "unprofessional") you were still expected to tip.

I had bought the Gold package, so I was paid up for all the meals and stuff. Breakfast was just a fair "continental" breakfast, nothing outstanding on it. The first lunch was very "new cuisine" -- 1/4 cup of soup and a small strip of chicken over a few vegetables. Sunday lunch had some small "wraps", 3 turkey, 3 beef, but at least they wer enough to fill you up. The banquet was better, had a nice size piece of salmon.

As to the convention itself, the best word to describe the Saturday "meetings" and the Sunday morning meeting is "tedious". A >LOT< of interruptions, bickering over wording, and lots and lots and lots of "move to suspend the rules" junk. What is the point of having rules if you move to suspend them every 5 minutes. Anyway, we didn't get through all the rules, by-laws or platform items we were suppose to.

BTW, we were informed that according to Robert's Rules or the Rules of Parliamentary Procedures (I forget which), the entire convention is one "session", and each gathering is a "meeting".

Saturday Night we had the debate of the candidates for chair which seemed very well attended. I especially was interested since I really had no idea who I wanted, just a vague feeling that it wasn't Mr. Root.

The election itself started out extremely bad. The chair had decided to ensure the integrity of the ballots that he would use "tellers". He had six teams of 2 tellers each who were suppose to go around to each delegation and 1) watch the delegates turn their ballots into the delegate chair, 2) watch the count of the ballots, and then 3) watch the delegate chair record the results onto the official state ballot.

After the first round took an hour or so, the chair recognized this wasn't working and allowed us to vote to drop the tellers. After that the voting went well.

The results of the votes are available at

The one thing the results don't tell you is this: After the first round, Wayne Root had just over 200 votes, the next highest candidate had just over 100. But as candidates were eliminated (or withdrew), Mr. Root wasn't gaining support. I believe in the final round he had just over 220 votes with Mark Hinkle pulling in over 300 votes. Just found that interesting, myself.

This post is getting too long, so I'll stop there. May write more later if anyone is interested.
JD Crownover
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